Jewish Music

1.Elli Jaffe: Founder of Cantorial Schools in Israel
(Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Petach Tikva)

Elli Jaffe was the first in our generation to establish cantorial schools in Israel. Many of the leading cantors of the last forty years have emerged from these schools. Graduates from the school Elli established, are now performing regularly all over the country and the world, serving many Jewish communities of all affiliations as public messengers between their congregations. 

Elli Jaffe is a sought-after lecturer in the field of liturgical Jewish music in Israel and abroad. He initiated the “Hallelujah” Festival at Kibbutz Lavi under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture on the Subject of Prayer. Jaffe is considered a first-rate educator and teacher in the world of Jewish music, regarding the proper wording and articulation of prayer.


2. Jaffe has recorded an encyclopedia of the  Jewish prayers in 15 CDs, contain all of the Jewish liturgies for cantor and choir.  This encyclopedia is known and used by Cantors around the world. Leading Cantors in the world today are from his students. Jaffe was the first to submit a matriculation program recognized by the Ministry of Education for Students in Cantorial Music.


3.Elli Jaffe is the founder, conductor, and Music director of the  Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir which is considered the most prestigious choir in the Jewish world. Elli Jaffe  is invited with his choir  to prestigious events around the world as a symbol of both Jewish music and the  State of Israel:

Inauguration of the New Synagogue in Munich, Germany, and in Salzburg. 

500th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews of Spain; 

The “Sacrees Journees” festival in Strasbourg. Jewish music festivals In Poland, Ceremonial performances in concentration camps Performing in prestigious concert halls around the world. 

The choir has been a role model, attracting both Jews and non-Jews who have come to listen and have left impressed by both the splendor of  the music and spiritual emotion that characterize the prayer.

Visitors including members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; the Circle of Friends of the “La Scala” Opera in Milan; church leaders; visiting foreign political representatives, and more.

סאלח שבתי - זאב רווח

לכה דודי - חסידות דז'יקוב

אברהם פריד והתזמורת הסמפוניצת של פראג

ישמח משה - משה לוק ויצחק מאיר הלפגוט

קדיש - אלי יפה, דודו פישר ואבי אלברכט

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