'And it came to pass, when the musician played, that the hand of the Lord came upon him' (Kings 2 Chapter 3, verse 15)

Classical music has always been in the forefront for Elli, influencing him from an early age and setting him on a musical path that has culminated with Maestro Elli Jaffe being a very renowned Jewish conductor throughout the globe.

Born and raised in Jerusalem, Elli graduated with distinction from the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem and received his Artist Diploma. 
Elli was honoured by receiving the Earnst Reed prize for conducting from the Royal Academy of Music in London, as well as the Edith de Philip Prize for Opera conducting.

In Jerusalem, he also had the opportunity to receive tuition from Leonard Bernstein and Igor Markevitch’. In 1986, Elli established the first Cantorial School in Jerusalem.

Elli is the Musical Director of the Center of Cantorial Arts, Petah Tikva, a position that he has held since 1998 and extremely passionate about. He has been the leading influence for the graduation of countless budding Cantors and Musicians. Elli often invites graduates to perform in gala concerts, helping with exposure and aiding to further their stage experience.


In 2007 Elli Jaffe was awarded the “Jerusalem Prize” for his contribution to the world of Jewish Music. Elli was invited to be a judge for both “The Young Artist Competition” ,organized by the Broadcasting Authority and the Jerusalem Music Center, and “The International Singing Competition” of the Check Republic.

Aside from being recognized as a very gifted musician, Elli has a loving nature, always trying to motivate and is known for his patients and calm demeanor. Below is an attempt to encapsulate Maestro Elli Jaffe’s many  achievements and accomplishments.

  • Numerous orchestras have played under Elli Jaffe’s baton:

The Israel Philharmonic and The Jerusalem Symphony – North American Tour.

Israel Symphony Rishon Letzion, Israel Chamber Orchestra.,  The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra- London, The Baltimore Symphony, The Liege Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Symphony  Orchestra – with whom he toured in NY, Zurich and Israel.

The European Philharmonic in France, The Barcelona  Orchestra, The Budapest Opera House, Vienna  Chamber Orchestra, The Latvia State Orchestra, Manchester Camerata, Krakow Camerate, Lublin Philharmonic.

Teplice philharmonic – Beethoven Festival, Olomouc Philharmonic, B’mo Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Czech National Symphony orchestra, The Spring and The Autumn International music festival – Prague, The Vienna Radio orchestra (ORF),  The Mexican Philharmonic,  The Bolshoi Theater  Orchestra, NDR Orchestra Hannover,  Zurich Chamber Orchestra, to name a few, as there have been many more throughout the Maestro’s illustrious career.

  • Conducting Gala concerts in Mexico and performing with world renowned soloists namely: – Renee Fleming, Shlomo Mintz, Ute Lemper, Denyce Graves (replacing Jessy Norman in the last minute), Ida Haendel to whom he has dedicated his violin concertino, Laurie Anderson, Philip Glass, George Cziffra, Koljia Blecher and Aroslav Jakubovitcz
  • North American and Swiss tour with The Prague Symphony Orchestra
  • Geneva tour with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra
  • A World Tour with the Jerusalem Great Synagogue Choir performing in prestigious concert halls including The “Mozarteum” in Salzburg and The Sidney Opera House.
  • In July 2007 Elli Jaffe was elected as Chairman of Board of Directors of the “Ron Shulamit” Music Academy.
  • Director of Music for the “Heritage” Concerts series. 2007-2008,  The Jerusalem Symphony orchestra. 2001-2002, The Israel Chamber orchestra.
  • Maestro Elli Jaffe has published an encyclopedia of 15 CD’s of the annual Jewish prayers and their distinctive musical modes.

Maestro Elli Jaffe  – Musical Composer

  • Premiered his  Oratorio Ner Mitzva (A candle of a command) based on the Rabbi from Prague (The Maharal)  which commemorates his 400th memorial day- in Prague  during the international Sacred Music festival.
  • “Ilan Ilan” a work written in memory of the Israeli Astronaut Ilan Ramon, performed in Israel and in Europe.
  • “Ode To Ida” A violin Concertino dedicated to Ida Haendel.
  • Wind quintet, Commissioned and performed by The Israel Philharmonic Quintet.
  • Symphony No. 1 “Kaddish”
  • Compositions for String Quartet, numerous vocal and choir compositions.
  • Commissioned instrumental and orchestral works.

Maestro Elli Jaffe – Musical Arranger


Elli has arranged numerous symphonic arrangements of Jewish Liturgical music, Secular music, Opera and Musicals from Broadway and the West End.


Maestro Elli Jaffe – Honorary Foreign Conductor:

The Prague Symphony Orchestra


Maestro Elli Jaffe – Associate:


The Royal Academy of Music-London.


Maestro Elli Jaffe – Music Director:


“Heritage “ Concerts series , The Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra .

Europe-Israel Foundation for the Advancement of Music.



B.Mus – Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem.

Artist Diploma with Distinctions, Rubin Academy,


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